The Common Causes Of Excessive Foot Sweating

There are some ordinary issues that nobody truly likes discusses so as to avoid feeling humiliated. One of those is having sweat-soaked feet most particularly in light of the fact that it is generally connected with having malodorous feet. Here are some Common Causes Of Excessive Foot Sweating :

  • Your Socks are Out of Synthetic Materials

Aside from your shoes, sometimes the socks that you are wearing are the ones accountable for the excessive sweating of your feet. Definitely, it is a good idea for you to opt for cotton socks that permit air to pass through them.

  • Your Shoes are Too Tight

Perhaps it’s just the shoes that you are wearing that can be blamed for excessive foot sweating. Putting on a pair of shoes that’s too tight can keep enough ventilation at bay, which is something that can easily leave your feet overheating. The problem can worsen easily if your shoes are out of non-breathable materials such as leather.

  • You’re Not Taking a Shower Regularly

There are a couple of reasons why failure to take a shower on a regular basis can leave your feet sweaty. First, it allows the accumulation of dirt and grime which is something that can keep your skin from being able to breathe properly. Second, it can leave you feeling hot especially during summer.

  • You are Stressed

Speaking of stress, being stressed is also something that can be blamed for having excessive foot sweating — the presence of too much stress hormones in your bloodstream can cause all kinds of unfavorable physiologic reactions such as sweating too much.

  • You Have a Lot of Anxious Thoughts

Millions of people across the globe these days are suffering from anxiety, mental health authorities say. If you’re one of them, don’t be surprised if it seems like your feet are sweating like there’s no tomorrow each time you have an attack. Again, you can put the blame on stress hormones.

  • You are on Your Feet All Day Long

Does your work entail standing for long periods of time? Then don’t be surprised if you tend to have excessively sweaty feet — being on your feet most of your waking hours is stressful for the feet, and such can cause them to sweat a lot.

  • You are Obese or Overweight

Having a lot of excess pounds can cause the body to work harder most especially while engaging in all kinds of physical activities. Being out of shape, it’s not unlikely for you to end up really sweaty, and your feet may end up soaking wet.

  • You Have an Undiagnosed Medical Condition

Sometimes it is a medical condition that can be responsible for your sweaty feet. One very common example is diabetes, and it’s for the fact that the disease can cause damage to the nerves. One more medical condition that can cause excessive foot sweating is hyperthyroidism.

  • You’re Suffering From Hyperhidrosis

In some instances, the blame can be put on what’s referred to as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Usually, this condition is characterized by sweating excessively on certain areas of the body only. There are all-natural as well as extra-strength antiperspirants available for hyperhidrosis.



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