Summer Makeup Tips To Try

Summer means getting a charge out of the warm climate at the shoreline, or cooling yourself in shopping centers, or taking a dunk in the pool. It likewise implies ladies stressing over their cosmetics and how to shield it from dissolving all over them. It is justifiable that you wish to put your best self forward each time you venture outside your home, however the sweltering climate won’t be your cosmetics’ companion, except if you do it right.Here are a couple of tips that you should attempt.

Tinted moisturizer

If you are not keen on the idea of not wearing anything on your face when you step outside your home, it would be a good idea to apply tinted moisturizer instead. Applying a light layer of this moisturizer on your skin gives it that natural glow which is perfect for the summer. You can even make your own tinted moisturizer if you are the experimenting kind. Just combine a small amount of your favorite oil-free moisturizer with your foundation, to create that softer and more sheer result.

Less is always more

Since it is summer, where the weather is bright, wearing too much makeup is not advisable. You don’t want your makeup to cake your face, right? A few switches to the products that you are using is in order, such as switching to BB cream instead of sticking with your powder or liquid foundations. These two products are just too heavy on your skin and may appear caked or cracking. BB cream does everything from concealing, to highlighting, and evening out your skin tone.

Set makeup with powder

After you have applied your BB cream, you will want to set it as quickly as possible. This is where applying a light dusting of some loose powder can help. A finishing powder can help make your foundation last longer, plus it helps in keeping your skin lightweight too. When applying your loose powder, use the right tool which is a loose powder brush.

Choose makeup that has multiple use

If you want to keep things light and simple in terms of makeup, why not look for a makeup product that you can use in a variety of ways? A good example is to look for makeup that you can use on your lips, your cheeks, and even your lids too. Not only will this make your makeup kit lighter, but that soft monochrome look is perfect for the summer too.

Bronzer powder

You don’t really have to cover yourself with tons of makeup during the summer just to get that glow. As a matter of fact, a bronzer powder is going to be your new friend. What you’ll love about this product is that you can give your skin that subtle bronze look to it, plus blending it on your skin won’t be too difficult. This is perfect when it comes to contouring without feeling heavy on your skin.

Waterproof formula is your friend

It’s tough making some blunders when it comes to your mascara or eyeliner, so instead of seeing yourself look like a raccoon because sweat has caused your eyeliner and mascara to run, a better option is to switch to waterproof formula instead. This way, you won’t have to run to the bathroom just to check how your eye makeup is holding up.



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