Natural Remedies For Sweaty Hands And Feet

Sweating is necessary to maintain the body temperature, but, as they say, an excess of everything is not good. Most people experience sweaty palms during stressful situations, anxious moments, high temperatures, or physical exertion. It is common to sweat when the temperature is high or when you’re nervous, but when you sweat excessively, especially at your hands and feet, it might get a little annoying to shake hands when you meet new people. If you have frequent sweaty hands or excessive sweating in other parts of your body that is not caused by higher temperatures, you may have hyperhidrosis. We may not have the perfect sweaty hands and feet cure for everyone, but these natural remedies can help to get you good start :

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

If you have hyperhidrosis, organic apple cider vinegar can keep your sweaty palms dry by balancing pH levels in your body. With its acidic nature, vinegar helps to kill any bacteria on your hands and feet, and has a drying effect. Apple cider vinegar contains astringent properties, therefore, reducing the sweating. It constricts your skin pores by keeping your skin tight, therefore, controlling excessive sweating.

2. Tea Bag

Tea helps to get rid of any bacteria and tightens your pores so you will sweat less. Because of its antiperspirant properties, you can use moist black tea bags for this purpose, then hold them in your sweaty hands for a few minutes.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a quick and inexpensive way to reduce sweaty hands and feet. Baking soda is alkaline, it can reduce sweating and make sweat evaporate quickly. Baking soda will help to balance the pH of your feet and palms. It’ll help to reduce the sweat and prevent feet odour too.

4. Cornstarch Or Baby Powder

Dust your hands and feet with cornstarch or baby powder . It helps to absorb the sweat and keeps your hands and feet dry. Baby powder absorbs liquids. So every time you start to feel sweat on your hands, simply dust them with a small bit of baby powder.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps to prevent your hands and feet from sweating while moisturising them. Coconut oil eliminates the bacteria that causes the sweat and odour, and keeps you fresh with its natural fragrance. Coconut oil is a natural antiperspirant and it has several other skin-related benefits so it will help keep your hands soft to the touch too.

6. Sage Leaves

Sage is known as nature’s antiperspirant. It contains a natural astringent called tannic acid. The tannic acid has the ability to constrict and shrink your skin and pores. This shrinking helps reduce sweat just like an antiperspirant. The astringent property of sage eliminates excess skin oils and prevents sweating. This property can also reduce odor caused by sweating. Adding sage leaves to your food or sipping sage tea may provide relief from hand and feet sweating.



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