Home Remedies To Treat Tapeworms In Humans

Tapeworm disease can hit you quietly with no conspicuous side effects immediately – until you notice weight reduction, experience stomach agony, or, more terrible, find hatchlings have advanced toward your mind or hindered some part of your digestive tract. In the event that the possibility of solid medicine or careful mediation stresses you, it is a smart thought to check the issue from developing in any way with some straightforward home cures. Or then again even better, anticipate a tapeworm invasion by avoiding potential risk.

Here are some natural remedies that are under study for their use in curing or containing tapeworm infections in humans.


Pineapples contain protein-degrading enzymes called cysteine proteinases that can help digest tapeworm cuticles, the tough protective covering on the tapeworms. Drink plenty of fresh pineapple juice for a few days. You can leave in some of the skin when you juice it for best effects. Anecdotes suggest having the juice from pineapples either over the course of the day or first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Do this for a few days back to back for best results.


Papaya and its juice are antiparasitic and useful for disposing of tapeworms normally. Papaya latex, separated by scoring the skin, is a powerful anthelmintic which battles helminths or parasitic worms. It is, along these lines, ready to remove the parasite, for this situation tapeworms, in the wake of staggering or murdering them, with no damage to your body. Notwithstanding, do take note of that this cure can cause gastritis in a few. Since it is an abortifacient, it can likewise expedite uterine withdrawals in pregnant ladies and must be taken simply in the wake of counseling a doctor.Air dried papaya seeds additionally have critical antiparasitic action on human intestinal parasites. Crush the seeds and take two teaspoons of the seed powder with some nectar on a vacant stomach. Then again, make a coconut milk, papaya natural product, and dried seed powder smoothie and drink up.


Cloves have shown anthelmintic activity in research. In fact, researchers found that a suspension of clove powder was 4.5 times more potent than powdered fresh garlic. It also proved to be 7.3 more active than even piperazine, an anthelmintic drug. To make a home remedy for tapeworms, powder up cloves and keep them in a jar. Steep a teaspoon of this powder in hot water for about 10 minutes. Drink up this clove tea a few times a week to help kill the eggs and worms.


Raw garlic and its oil can be used for treating tapeworm infections due to its antiparasitic properties. The sulfur compounds in garlic are thought to be responsible for this action. One home remedy just needs you to chew two to three cloves of garlic on an empty stomach in the morning. Alternatively, you could crush two raw cloves of garlic into milk, boil it, and then drink up on an empty stomach. Keep up the regimen for a few days to a week.

5. Pumpkin Seeds

Taeniasis is a parasitic illness of the stomach related framework because of tapeworms. In one investigation, guineas pigs with taeniasis were given pumpkin seeds joined with areca nut extricate. Around 79 percent of the members discharged entire tapeworms and a further 3.5 percent ousted fragmented sections. About each one of the individuals who removed the worms did as such inside 3 hours of being given the treatment; some even passed them as right on time as 20 minutes. The cure utilized an areca nut submersion and stripped crude pumpkin seeds and was caught up with magnesium sulfate weakened to 30 percent in water. Treatment was on a vacant stomach. A portion of the members revealed wooziness and sickness as side effects.Needless to state, in this structure, the treatment should be managed by a prepared naturopathy professional or specialist.

At home, you could take a stab at devouring crude pumpkin seeds. A charming method to have this cure is to mix up the seeds with coconut milk to a porridge-like consistency, trailed by a tall glass of water or two to help with solid discharge. This one-time cure should help scrub your arrangement of the worms.

Best Practices To Fight Tapeworm Infections

Disposing of tapeworm as fast as conceivable is critical to anticipate contaminating others living and communicating with the tainted individual. Since the tapeworm can duplicate quickly once it is in your body, your first and best line of resistance is to upset tapeworm diseases before they even occur. This is what you can do.

1. Buy Quality Meat

Don’t rely on unknown brands of meats or fish. The well-established brands, both big and small, are more likely to have robust quality checks that don’t just comply with food quality norms but also incorporate best practices that minimize the risk of contamination by tapeworm or larvae.

2. Cook Meat Properly

While hamburger, pork, and fish are the most outstanding guilty parties with regards to wellsprings of tapeworm disease in people, it is critical to cook all meat well. Guarantee it is cooked right through at the prescribed temperature. Fish should turn dark, while meat must be cooked till the juices run clear when it is pricked and it is never again red or pink. Counteract cross-defilement by guaranteeing cooked, prepared to-eat meat doesn’t interact with crude meat anytime. Utilize a sustenance thermometer to check the temperature of the cooked meat at its thickest part. It should hit 145°F or more for meat and 160°F for ground meat.

3. Freeze It Out

Tapeworm larvae and eggs usually can’t survive at very low temperatures. As the National Health Service suggests, you could freeze your fish and meat at a temperature lower than 10°C or 14°F for 48 hours or more to kill off these larvae and eggs. Cysts are also said to die if you keep the meat at 4°C for over a month.

4. Wash Up

Always wash your hands properly, especially after you go to the toilet. Improper hygiene can pass on tapeworm infection not just via food and drink, but even through contact with contaminated surfaces like doorknobs!

You should also wash your hands very well before preparing food. If you handle raw meat, keep it separate. Remember to wash your hands with soap and water after you are done touching the raw meat and before you begin work on other food preparation.

5. Use Straws On Cans And Soda

When you’re drinking canned drinks or soda, or even bottled water, either pour it into a glass or use a straw. This is because the containers may get contaminated in transit or during storage and when you drink from them, the eggs or larvae on the rim can be ingested, infecting you.

6. Travel Safe

When you are visiting places prone to tapeworm infestations, like some places in developing countries, you should be extra cautious. Drinking water from the tap may not always be contaminant-free and sewage disposal may be less than ideal, creating prime conditions for tapeworms to thrive and spread. Here are some things you could do to stay safe:

  • Always drink bottled water or boil water before drinking.
  • Always wash fruit and vegetables yourself before consuming.
  • Avoid raw fruit and vegetables in any form; raw meat is a strict no-no.
  • Ensure the meat and fish you consume is properly cooked.

Tips To Prevent Tapeworm Infection Via Your Dog

Other than avoiding potential risk to forestall a tapeworm pervasion, you ought to likewise take your canine to the vet for deworming. It is not entirely obvious these four-legged relatives, yet they share your life as well and can simply pass on a disease like any other person in the family. Giving them hostile to tapeworm prescription consistently according to calendar can shield you from coming down with hydatid illness from canine dung pervaded with eggs. This contamination can make pimples structure in your body’s crucial organs, including the liver, making it conceivably hazardous, so do pay attention to it. While feline defecation also may have tapeworms, it is accepted to be less effectively transmitted to people.

Here are some precautions you can take if you have a pet:

  • Always use rubber gloves to dispose of dog feces.
  • If your dog is infected, don’t simply toss the feces into the trash. You should either incinerate it or deeply bury the poop.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after you handle the dog’s feces, whether your dog is infected or undiagnosed.
  • Avoid any kind of raw meat or offal for your pet’s meals. Use known brands of dog food.
  • Don’t allow your dogs to defecate anywhere near your gardens or vegetable patch.


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