Hiring For Team Coordinator Job

Supported by a Government of India grant, and following the approach of Owner Driven Reconstruction (ODRC), UNDP has partnered with the ODR Collective (ODRC), a network of India-based institutions, including SEEDS Technical Services (STS), Hunnarshala Foundation, UNNATI – Organization for Development Education, and Centre for Eco centric Development and Peoples’ Action (CEDAP) to work in 6 Gaupalikas and 2 Nagarpalikas, covering 26,912 houses. STS functions as ODRC secretariat with the executive director of STS as current convener of ODRC. The project aims to provide socio-technical facilitation services through enhancement of homeowners’ awareness, ensuring adequate skill building of artisans, enabling house owners to incorporate disaster resistant features in their houses and comply with the government norms. We are looking for Hiring For Team Coordinator Job.

Position Objectives:

The Team coordinator will lead the team at respective Palika levels for the overall of socio- technical facilitation ensuring adequate skill building of artisans, enabling house owners to incorporate disaster resistant features in all the houses allotted in the respective Palika levels.

Responsibilities Of Hiring For Team Coordinator Job:

  • To lead, monitor and manage palika level team with mobilization of staffs under palika team to ensure adequate coverage and quality output
  • To provide necessary support and guidance to the palika team members on the project/activities with proper planning and implementation of the project activities
  • To collaborate and maintain close coordination with the respective palika office and other partner agencies in the palika for smoother implementation of the project
  • Ensure coordination with the District Team, other palika level teams, with maintaining database of the progress and reporting in weekly and monthly basis
  • Identify issues and grievances with regards to inclusion, disbursement, entitlement, technical services and procedures of reconstruction and work with palika and district team to find appropriate solutions
  • Provide necessary support and resources to the palika to build their capacity to implement the reconstruction program
  • To deploy and handhold Awas Nirman Sathis and sub-engineer for ensuring their effective mobilization in providing socio-technical support on safer reconstruction
  • To maintain data of status of reconstruction and technical compliances for each household
  • To conduct trainings for masons and other artisans on new construction, retrofitting and corrective measures
  • To provide necessary socio-technical support to house owners, who are reconstructing new houses, and are at different stages of reconstruction and also those with non-compliant houses
  • Orient CFs in technical matters ensuring that CFs will covey intended technical messages to house owners when required

Candidate must have following Professional experiences / qualifications

  • Master degree in Anthropology or sociology or rural development or related subject
  • 5 years of relevant experience in related field
  • Demonstrated technical skills in code-compliant and earthquake safe construction practices
  • Experience of working with or exposure to community planning process
  • Experience of delivering training to masons on safer construction practices
  • Demonstrated social skill of coordinating with different stakeholders and facilitating discussions
  • Demonstrated skills on preparing quality reports and other knowledge products

Value and Behavior: The position is expected to follow STS rules and values.

Travel: Travel required as per job requirement


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