Gold Movie Review

Sports movies in India instil the patriotic side in all of us. With Chak De India and Dangal as primary examples and Reema Kagti cleverly uses her movie Gold to do just that. The film doesn’t take time to give out a message as to why it chose independence Day as it’s release date. 10 minutes to the film and it is crystal clear. The feeling you get when you see the Hockey Team under British India paying ode to the British National Anthem, it is a deafening silence sort of atmosphere and shows you the troubled times before an Independent India.

Gold Movie Review: Script Analysis

Gold has a story that can be moulded into anything, a Chak De! India level of perfection or an Azhar like disaster. Reema Kagti and Rajesh Devraj’s story somewhere covers everything but still there’s something missing. There are moments that will make you clap, whistle & melt your heart but this genre has given us so many memorable films, you kind of expect the same from Gold. It’s not at all an average film or even an above average one, it’s an above-good movie which could’ve been excellent.

The whole set-up of vintage India is the major highlight of the film as it’s every bit of beautiful. Taking the colour correction theme from ‘Peaky Blinders’ the production value looks top notch. At some places, the green screens are bit of a turn-off but a normal cine-goer will hardly notice it. With one of the best climaxes ever seen, Reema and team achieve a thrilling high. From the word go, the movie just races along-with its fast paced screenplay but lags somewhere in between. A special mention of the scene including Hitler in the start of the film; that clicks brilliantly setting up the patriotic base for the film.

Gold Movie Review: Star Performance

Akshay Kumar explores various shades in the film, from comedy to romance to drama, and nails every single one of it. He’s high on energy throughout his performance and that goes in his favour. He delivers one of the finest performances of his lifetime & promises every ounce of entertainment. The portrayal of Raghubir Pratap Singh will go down as the best performance under the filmography of Amit Sadh. He’s flawlessly royal in the film & share some amazing scenes with the others.

Vineet Singh continues his winning streak after a brilliant performance in Mukkabaaz. I don’t understand why the makers can’t recognise his worth and bag him more often. Mouni Roy surprises as a Bengali wife & masters the accent. She’s a delightful surprise and super natural. After Vicky Kaushal’s mind-blowing performance in Sanju, it’s Sunny Kaushal who proves he’s here to stay.

Gold Movie Review: Direction, Music

Reema Kagti had a very tough goal to achieve and she manages to pull it off with some misses. She justifies the script & tries to deliver it with the maximum impact. This easily could’ve gone to the boring side but thanks to Reema’s direction & story, it manages to keep you stick to your seats.

Sachin-Jigar’s Chad Gayi Hai is the best song of the lot & adds the entertainment value to the story. Akshay Kumar’s dance makes an average song like Monobina bearable. Naino Ne Bandhi wasn’t needed but it’s there to strengthen the chemistry factor between Akshay and Mouni. The background score by Sachin-Jigar is exactly what a film like Gold needed. Though I missed a song like the title track of Chak! De India throughout the film.

Gold Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Gold isn’t Gold because of one person. As shown in the film, it’s a team work & hence it’s victorious. Akshay Kumar is unstoppable & Gold will do nothing but add yet another hit to his account. Watch it for the pure and informative entertainment.



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