Cristiano Ronaldo on shirtless goal celebrations: ‘It just happens’

Cristiano Ronaldo is adamant he never sets out to celebrate goals by whipping his jersey off and flexing his muscles, despite that becoming one of the most iconic images of the Real Madrid star.

One of the most memorable scenes in Ronaldo’s self-made 2015 documentary featured him removing his jersey for the camera after scoring a late penalty in the previous year’s Champions League final, with the same topless celebration repeated when he hit the winning spot kick in the 2016 decider.

Asked if he had something similar planned for Saturday’s final against Liverpool in Kiev, Ronaldo joked that his partner Georgina Rodriguez enjoyed seeing him like that, while claiming that it always just happened spontaneously, in the moment.

“In certain moments when I have done it, I swear to you even though you might not believe, it just happens. You don’t plan it, it just happens.” Ronaldo added that he is well prepared for a future career as an actor, although maybe not as a Hollywood leading man.

“I have experience as an actor, I do a lot of adverts, I can’t even say how many I have done this year,” Ronaldo said. “I will never be a leading man as I have not studied [drama], cannot start at 42 years old. But I can play roles, and I can do it. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese… something cool could happen.”



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