Bike Maintenance Tips

Bike Maintenance Tips

1. You should be checking your bike’s tires on a regular basis. Some people do it on a ride-by-ride basis, others once a week, or there are some who do it when they remember. A minimum of once a week would be our recommendation as you’d be surprised at how quickly a motorcycle tire can lose pressure.

2. Make sure that the break oil is sufficient. For bikes with drum brakes, make sure it is cleaned from the inside and make sure that the brake shoes/pads are in good condition. If you have disc brakes, check the discs for damage.

3. In case your bike has an uncovered drive chain, then you must make sure that it is oiled well and must also wash it regularly as a lot of mud may get deposited in it, especially in the wet season.

4. Since the air is heavy with moisture in the monsoon, your air filter might not work at its best. The air filter might hold a lot of moisture making it get clogged, and not allowing air to pass through easily. This could mean your bike stalling, jerking and/or pulling the accelerator. Thus, keep a clean, dry air filter for best results.

5. Oil lubricant coats the chain and other components of the drivetrain, helping them last longer and work more efficiently. Lube also reduces accumulation of dirt and grime, which helps increase performance of the moving parts.

6. Engine is the heart of your bike – Servicing your bike regularly and tuning it up would keep the engine running like clockwork, thus reducing your petrol bills. Do pay special attention, while cleaning the carburettor and maintaining valve clearances. Remember to keep carburettor always clean. For every 1500 kilometres which you travel, clean out the carburettor float chamber as well as the other parts. Do not neglect the all-important spark plug. Make sure that your Spark-plug is clean and the gap is set correctly, otherwise replace the Spark-plug as it is the most crucial link in proper engine combustion.

7. Your bike’s battery requires periodical maintenance to ensure a long and trouble free life. If required, top-up the battery with distilled water. Examine for any leakage from the battery. The bike should be clean as well as free from any sort of battery leakages. If the motorcycle is not used for long time, you have to ensure the battery should be kept fully charged.

8. Try and maintain a riding speed of 40 to 60 kilometres to reduce the fuel consumption as well as to keep the bike in good health.

9. The 2 wheeler body surface has to cleaned regularly in order to maintain the surface finish. Before you start cleaning the motorcycle, make sure that the ignition switch unit, H.T. Coil and silencer are thoroughly covered using plastic sheets. Also, avoid exposing your bike to direct sunlight, try to park your bike near to shade, frequent exposure to sunlight would dull your bike’s appearance.

10. Treat the new bike like a bride during the running-in period, and you sure will have a real good partner in the years ahead.



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