Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Vessel

Water is the most essential element to sustain life on this planet. 70 per cent of human body is made up of water. Storing water in a copper vessel creates a natural purification process.It can kill all the microorganisms, molds, fungi, algae and bacteria, present in the water that could be harmful to the body and make the water perfectly fit for drinking. Water stored in a copper vessel, preferably overnight or at least for four hours, acquires a certain quality from the copper. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is vital to human health. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps neutralize toxins. When water is placed in a copper vessel, the copper leeches gently into the water and lends its properties. The important part about regarding this water, is that it never becomes stale, and can be stored for long periods of time. Below are some of the health benefits of drinking water from copper vessel :

1. Helps The Digestive System

Copper has properties that help kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation within the stomach, making it a great remedy for ulcers, indigestion and infections. Copper also helps cleanse and detox your stomach, regulates the working of your liver and kidneys, and proper elimination of waste and ensures the absorption of nutrients from food.

2. Aids In Weight Loss

Drinking water stored overnight in copper utensils can help reduce weight helping your body break down fat cells and eliminate it more efficiently. But it is also important to have a proper diet and exercise program for good result.

3. Boosts Skin Health And Melanin Production

Copper is the key component in the production of melanin in your body.  Apart from that copper also aids in the production of new cells that help replenish the top most layers of your skin. While melanin helps the body stay safe from sun damage, speeds up wound healing and covers up scars, the production of new cells is a boon for smooth, blemish free and clear skin.

4. Cancer Prevention

Copper has very strong antioxidant properties that helps fight off free radicals and negate their ill effects,  one of the main reasons for the development of cancer. some studies have shown that copper complexes have a considerable anti cancer effect.

5. Fights Arthritis and Inflamed Joints

Copper has very potent anti-inflammatory properties. This asset is especially great to relieve aches and pains caused due to inflamed joints. Copper also has bone and immune system strengthening properties, making it the perfect remedy for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Destroy Bacteria

Copper is known to be oligodynamic in nature and can destroy bacteria very effectively. It is especially effective against E.coli and S.aureus,  that are commonly found in our environment and are known to cause severe illnesses in the human body and both cause dysentery, diarrhea, and jaundice.

7. Slows Down Ageing

Copper is loaded with very strong cell forming and anti-oxidant properties, fights off free radicals, which is one of the main reasons for the formation of fine lines, and helps in the production of healthy and new skin cells, that replace the old dying ones.

8. Stimulates Your Brain

Our brain works by transmitting impulses (or orders) from one neuron to another through an area known as the synapses. These neurons are covered by a sheath called the myelin sheath that acts like a sort of conductive agent – helping the flow of impulses. Copper actually helps in the synthesis of phospholipids that are essential for the formation of these myelin sheaths. Thereby, making your brain work much faster and more efficiently. Apart from that, copper is known to have brain stimulant and anti-convulsive properties, that do a wonders for your brain.

9. Regulates The Thyroid Gland

Copper is one of the most important trace minerals the thyroid gland needs to function optimally. A lack in copper can send the functioning of the gland out of sync. So when you drink water from a copper vessel it makes up for this possible deficiency and regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland.

10. Beats Anaemia

The most amazing fact about copper is that it is required in most of the processes that occur in our body. Right from cell formation to aiding in the absorption of iron, copper is an essential mineral for the functioning of your body. This is one of the reasons that it also helps in keeping anaemia at bay. An essential component in the entire process of absorbing and using iron present in the body, copper helps keep the levels of haeme (iron) up and regulates its flow in your blood vessels.



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