Amazing Uses Of Banana Peels

Bananas are most popular fruit of the planet. The flesh of the banana is rich in many nutrients and carbohydrates. It is high in vitamins B6, B12, magnesium and potassium. The sugar content is the highest when the banana peel turns black. As banana, banana peels also have amazing benefits. Here are some amazing uses of banana peels :

1. Whitens Teeth

Ripe banana peels are very rich in potassium that can help reduce yellow stains. Rub the banana peel every day for a week on your teeth for about a minute. This actually results in teeth whitening.

2. Removes Warts

The banana peel helps in removing warts and eliminates the occurrence of new ones. Apply a piece of banana peel on the affected skin and secure with a band-aid. Leave overnight. Repeat until the wart falls off.

3. Heals Irritated Skin

Banana peels are a great home remedy for itchy skin. Banana peels contain histamine, lowering nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Use a banana peel to relieve itching from poison ivy or mosquito bites.

4. Reduces Wrinkles

Facial wrinkles occur when the skin loses its elasticity and it loses its firmness. The banana peel helps to keep your skin hydrated. The antioxidants and vitamin C in bananas can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Simply rub the banana peel on the desired areas of your face, and leave the residue on for a half hour before washing off.

5. Cures Pimples

Banana peels contain vitamin C and vitamin E and they also contain potassium, zinc, iron, and manganese. These nutrients can calm inflamed skin and reduce pimples outbreaks. Banana peels   also contains lutein and carotenoids which are fat-soluble compounds that help fight inflammation and acne breakouts.

6. Polish Silver And Leather Products

The inside of a banana peel contains substances such as potassium that help clean metal objects and leather products.When your silver begins to lose its luster or it begins to tarnish, try using a banana peel. Rub a banana peel on shoes, leather, and silver articles to make them shine instantly.

7.  Reduce The Appearance Of Scars

Banana peels have the ability to drastically reduce skin irritation such as swelling, redness, and scarring. They also contain esterified fatty acids which have actually been isolated and incorporated into various lotions that diminish the visibility of scars.

8. Heals Psoriasis

The banana peel has moisturizing properties and also reduces itchiness. It will quickly heal psoriasis and you can see noticeable results within no time. Apply the peel on the psoriasis affected area.

9. Easy Composting

Adding a banana peel to your compost pile will help introduce more calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphates, potassium, and sodium, all of which are vital to the healthy growth of your plants.

10. Keeps CDs or DVDs from Skipping

gently rub the underside of a banana peel on the scratched CD or DVD using circular motions. The waxy substance in the banana peel will fill in the scratches. Clean afterwards with glass cleaner and a soft piece of cloth, then play.



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