A Star Is Born Movie Review

In this new take on the tragic love story, Bradley Cooper plays seasoned musician Jackson Maine, who discovers–and falls in love with–struggling artist Ally (Gaga). She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer… until Jack coaxes her into the spotlight. But even as Ally’s career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jack fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.

A Star Is Born Movie Review: Script Analysis

William A. Wellman’s original story taught us for every of your dream to come true you need to pay a price in heartbreak. Cooper continues the legacy and breaks my already broken heart. I tried hard not to compare it with La La Land, given the genre, but the way Ally and Jackson spend the first date together it was ‘what a waste of lovely night’. Also, Ally playing for the paid audience and not being who she has totally reminded me of Seb doing the same in Chazelle’s musical.

More than the story, what makes the movie special is its treatment & accurate amount of emotions. Cooper making his directional debut, Gaga making her acting debut – this was the huge gamble that has been paid off beautifully. It’s a relief how Cooper, more than the story part of the film has concentrated on the musical aspect. The best thing about the songs is, almost all of them are performed on stage and for those couple of minutes, you’re not in your cinema halls. They’re directed so well, it just makes you one of those spectators in the film who are attending that concert.

A Star Is Born Movie Review: Star Performance

Cooper, Cooper, Oh my talented Cooper! This guy who is known to many as one of the three guys from Hangover, had already attained a special feat when he did Silver Linings Playbook. From shivering while picking up a fallen spectrum of his guitar on the stage to crying his heart out in front of Ally, Jackson Maine is one of the most heart-blowing characters ever performed. I hate to say it but this performance tops Cooper’s Pat from SLP.

Lady Gaga! She has perplexed me for whether she looks better or sounds better? Was this really her debut? Yes, Ally was a tailor-made role for her but it’s not that she had to sing all the time. Even when she crooned a French song in the start, of which I didn’t understand a single alphabet, you still feel the emotions just because of the way she performs. The way she says “it’s okay” with a tear flowing from her left eye says everything about the passion she had in her to act. This is just a start for another innings for Lady Gaga and I’m sure people will not remember her just for singing and performing on stage.

One of the major things that worked for the film also include its outstanding supporting cast. Sam Elliott as Jackson’s brother-cum-manager has delivered an exceptional performance. There’s a scene in which he doesn’t deliver any dialogue, just look back and reverses his car – IT’S HEART-WRENCHING! Rafi Gavron as Rez, who plays Ally’s manager is amazing too. Though for a very little time but leaves a mark with his performance.

A Star Is Born Movie Review: Direction, Music

Bradley Cooper’s direction is surprisingly wonderful. In 2014 when his contemporary Chris Evans wore the director’s hat with Before We Go, I thought this will be a parameter for this gen’s actors turning directors but Cooper has proved me wrong. There’s a scene in a studio which shows Jackson explaining Ally that she can sing; that scene is totally shot by the blurry reflections of both on the studio glass. Cooper has a bright future ahead if he continues to direct films & not stop as Evans did.

It goes without saying, music is the soul of the film and apart from memorable performances you’ll get out humming many songs from the film. From the soothing duet Shallow, to full with sentiments Remember Us This Way to a gut-wrenching finale with I’ll Never Love Again, the film has songs that will be remembered more than anything in it.

A Star Is Born Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, A Star Is Born, more than a film is an orchestral display of emotions. It says through songs what it can’t say through words & the climax will whisper in your ear and tear you apart! Watch it for everything in it.



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